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Three-Legged Race. All you need for this game is something to tie each pair's legs together. Who has the button? Let your guests play detective to find out. All you need to play this easy birthday party game is a button!

The classic game of charades that can be adapted for children of all ages and adults. It's a great idea to match a game of charades with the theme of your party. Continue to 5 of 24 below. Elephant Tug of War. A fun game of tug of war that doesn't need any supplies at all. This is a great game that will really encourage your guests to use their imaginations. Fruit Basket. This is an inventive game that takes barely any prep work. Marco Polo. Obstacle Course.

You'll be surprised what items you have that may "trip" up your guests. Continue to 9 of 24 below. Hot Potato. The classic game of Hot Potato is a lot of fun and bring about a ton of laughs.

Red Rover. This is a great game to play outside and even better if you have a fairly large group. What's In the Bag? A guessing game that makes a super fun birthday party game. This game can be easily changed for older kids. Simon Says.

Continue to 13 of 24 below. You only need one object for this game and it can be one of your choosing. Dress Up Relay Race. There are also lots of other variations for relay races you'll want to check out. Steal the Bacon. Water Balloon Toss. This birthday party game is best played in the warmer weather and needs to be outside. Just another way for you all to stay connected. The Birthday Hot Seat. Just how well do you know your birthday star? This game is where the birthday guests are put under the spotlight and grilled by the guest of honor.

When the 30 seconds are up, the next player takes over. You will need someone to keep score; because whoever gets the most questions right will win a prize.

The best birthday party games for adults are fast-paced and a lot of fun, especially when the questions are funny. The Laughing Game. Space everyone around a table or in a large room.

The person who can keep the straightest face the longest wins. Clothes Pegs. Set aside hours to play, or play during your party. Players who lose all their pegs can say the words again. They can also rejoin the game, by trying to trick players with pegs into saying the words. The player with the most clothes pegs at the end of the game wins a prize.

Honey, I Love You. Birthday party games for adults are also great fun when they can also be an icebreaker to warm up your crowd, like this game. Anyone who smiles is knocked out of the game. Last person sitting wins! Unlikely Oranges. Love silly birthday party games for adults? Give each team two orange and one pair of old pantyhose, long stockings or tights. Hide gold doubloons all over the room and get kids to find them.

The gold doubloons are round chocolates coated with golden foil paper. What fun to hunt for treasure and eat it too. Passing the parcel How can you miss this one when it comes to selecting birthday party games?

Select a pillow, cushion, soft toy, gift box, or ball to pass around as a parcel. Make the kids sit in a circle. When the music plays, the parcel needs to be passed from one kid to another. Musical chairs What is a birthday party without this game? Arrange the chairs in a circle with their backs facing inwards.

The numbers of chairs is one less than the number of players. Players have to walk along the chairs when the music plays. When the music stops abruptly, the players have to grab a seat for themselves. The one player who is unable to find a seat is out. The next round begins by removing one chair from the circle so that in every round the number of chairs are one less than the number of players. Children move around in a circles all over the room.

Music plays in the background. As soon as the music stops, they have to huddle in a corner and divide themselves into a number that you call out. You should announce numbers randomly and not after assessing the number of kids — that makes the game fair. Decorate your wings This one fits the princess as well as the fairy-themed birthday party. Get cut-outs of wings to distribute among the kids.

Provide glitter and other decoration material for them to decorate the wings. The boys can decorate superhero masks and wear them afterward. Carry the marbles with a spoon Who said birthday party games cannot be developmental? Keep a large bowl full of marbles at one end of the room and an empty bowl of the same size at the other end. While holding a spoon in their mouth, kids have to carry marbles on the spoon from one bowl to the other. The child to carry the most number of marbles wins.

Dinosaur age Who said birthday party games need to be only about running around? Buy mini dinosaur toys and plastic bones. On strips of paper, print or note i nteresting dinosaur facts. Fold these strips and hide them under playing sand garden or beach sand that you have stored in a large flat container. You can also use a ready-made sandpit.

Kids have to find the hidden dinosaur facts and bones under the sand. Every time they find any one of these hidden surprises, they get applauded by the audience. What more? In each round of play, they learn a new fun fact about the dinosaurs. Solve those puzzles Most kids enjoy solving puzzles — especially jigsaw puzzles. Divide kids into age-specific groups.

Distribute a puzzle per group and assign a time limit to solve the puzzles. The first group to win gets a special prize and every participant of every group gets chocolates.

Brain teasing time, right? Pin the flower Hang a Hello Kitty cut-out on the wall with the bow of the kitty missing. The one who is hits the closest mark, wins! Paint the kitty Just like for the previous game, you need Hello Kitty cut-outs for this one as well. However, these will be plain , smaller in size, and complete versions of Hello Kitty with bows and all. Hand out the cut-outs to children and provide paint and other decoration material.

Children need to paint and decorate the cut-outs as per their liking and then carry these home. A great addition to the takeaway present too!

Lots of giggles and fun follows and the last child remaining to get caught is the winner. Birthday party bowling alley Is your child into bowling? Create your own bowling alley! Cut plastic sheets into vertical strips measuring 2 feet in width and around 5 feet in length. Stick these strips on the floor to replicate a bowling alley. At one end of the strip place bowling pins and the other end will have medium-sized throwing balls.

You can use authentic kiddie-sized bowling balls as well. Kids have to roll the ball along the plastic strip to make the pins fall. Scores are based on the numbers of bowling pins that fall at every turn. Bowling sets are also readily available in most toy stores and you can use them to get the pins and the ball. Dress-up fun The following are a set of birthday party games that involve impromptu costumes and dressing-up.

Ensure that you assist children wherever they need help. This is not a competition-based game, but just a fun way of passing time at a party.

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